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Acu Meridi-Yin Yoga Training
and Course Description

The Acu Meridi-Yin Yoga training course is unique as it combines the practice of Yin Yoga with acupressure techniques along the meridian pathways. The combination of acupressure with Yin Yoga is an entirely new concept! We offer a deep examination and study of this connection. This training not only teaches you the meridians but also offers you the additional knowledge of acupressure. You will learn the complete Chinese meridian system and how to safely and accurately apply acupressure while practicing the yin poses.


With 50 years of combined acupressure and Chinese medicine expertise, we will teach you the basics of traditional Chinese medicine, the fundamentals of acupressure, and applications to help achieve an in-depth understanding and connection between Yin Yoga and the meridians. Our first two training days focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory and explores the meridian system and acupressure point location. This will create our foundation for learning the acupressure techniques and applications. The following three training days concentrate specifically on learning a wide array of acupressure techniques and their suggested applications.


You will learn detailed acupressure applications for twenty different yin poses as well as acupressure protocols for the arms, head, back, abdomen, and face. Our 177-page Acu Meridi-Yin Yoga training manual comes with the training. It includes the complete training course plus many acupressure secrets and prescriptions, like Pamela’s acupressure recipe for boosting the immune system, and many extras that you will not find anywhere else. Our manual has enough material for you to be creative in the classroom and grow your practice for years to come.

After completing this course, you will be able to confidently and effectively lead a Yin Yoga class with meridian expertise. You will be able to offer acupressure while instructing your yin students and in a private setting, you will not only be a Yin Yoga teacher, you will also be an acupressure specialist.

Acu Meridi-Yin Yoga training is a YACEP approved program offering 45 hours of Continuing Education. 

Training Details

Acu Meridi-Yin Yoga Training is an intensive 45-Hour training spread out over 5 Days. Our training days begin at 8:00am and end at 6:30pm with an hour and a half lunch break built into each day. Students will receive our 177-page manual with full color pictures on the first day of class. 

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There are no prerequisites for Acu Meridi-Yin Yoga however, our training is geared toward experienced students of Yin yoga therefore, an understanding of the yin yoga poses would be helpful.

*In preparation for learning traditional Chinese medicine and acupressure, we highly recommended reading:

"The Web that has no Weaver" by Ted Kapchuk before arriving.

Example Training Schedule:

Day 1:
~ Introduction

~ Chinese Medicine Theory and Principles

~ Learning Meridians and Points

Day 2:

~ Acupressure & Techniques

~ The Yin Poses and Acupressure Introduction

~ Acupressure Protocols for Arms, Legs, Head, Back, and Belly

Day 3-4:

~ The Yin Poses with Acupressure application

~ Acupressure Techniques & Hands on Practice

Day 5:

~ Planning a Yin with Acupressure Class

~ Graduation

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